Regular Veterinary Visits are Crucial for the Health and Happiness of Our Pets

Most of us share one thing in common, the love for a pet. Dog or cat, bird or horse, we know how strong the bond can be between us and our trusted companion. Every day when we come home, our pet looks at us with love and excitement. They do not judge us, they love us unconditionally, whether we have had a bad day at work, or struggling through hard times, our pets are there to comfort us. How many times has your dog licked your tears as you cried, or your cat sat on your lap, purring and soothing you. Most of us think of our pets as family, they live and grow with us and become a wonderful part of our journey.

But what do you do when your pet is not acting like themselves or has had an accident that needs immediate care. You would not trust just anyone in this situation, you need a respected, educated, up to date veterinarian. Whether you live in a big city or a more rural area or even on a farm, there are many skilled and respected veterinary clinics. In Chicago, IL or San Francisco, CA or even if you are looking for a veterinary clinic Albuquerque NM, you should do some research before you are seeking emergency care. Many cities have 24 hours emergency vet clinics. Although a little pricier, these locations can be the difference between life and death for your pet in an extreme emergency.

It is very important to have your pet seen by your veterinarian of choice on a regular basis. Proper health care is just as important to our furry or feathered friends as seeing the doctor is to us. You will need to keep up on their regular vaccinations and over all heath checks. Your vet can test for heart-worms and lime’s disease, both are treatable if caught early enough and proper treatment is followed to the letter. It is nice to have a clinic that knows the history of your pet, most clinics will send you notifications when it is time for a checkup or vaccination. Many vets will also clean your pet’s teeth, which is very important for maintaining their overall health. Your vet can walk you through the steps to clean your pet’s teeth yourself, to avoid dangerous and costly surgeries later in your pet’s life.

As any vet will tell you, proper nutrition is key to keeping your pet healthy. Our furry friends need to have the proper nutrients to provide energy, healthy skin and coats and to keep our pet fit and in shape. A few extra pounds on our pet can really cause serious problems. Some pets also need special food for allergies or digestive issues. Your vet should be able to direct you to finding the perfect diet for your pet, and many locations sell the proper nutritional care at their location.

Whether you have just welcomed your first kitten into your family or adopted a wonderful older dog from a rescue or humane society, you will need a great veterinary clinic. Also, do not forget to have the phone number and location of the closet emergency vet, you will be so glad you are prepared if ever you need to rush your friend in for emergency treatment. Your pet gives you so much love, it is our duty as responsible pet owners to take care of our best friends and to make sure they live long and healthy lives.

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